Our Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag (or B.O.B) is a complete grab and go bag for a wide variety of emergencies and survival situations. Floods, bush-fires, storm damage or any other situation where rapid evacuation is required.

But my Bug Out Bag is made for me. I am 186cm (6feet 1″) and stocky build. I can carry a lot of weight and move at a regular pace for extended periods.

What’s in my Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag is not in my partners or my children’s. And that a critical point.

Everyone should have their own B.O.B and ideally everyone carries their own water, food and essential survival equipment. 


Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag Essential Survival Equipment

So what makes up  essential survival equipment?

Beyond food and water for 72 hours we believe the items below are essential.

These essentials need to be custom packed for the size of the bag and the size of the person carrying the bag, the period you are planning to initially bug out for – 72 hours or 3 days is a good starting point to prep for – and being mindful that, over your Bog Out period, as food and water is consumed the bag will become lighter.

  1. First aid kit*. If the person has any allergies or special medical needs these should be carried by the individual. In the case of children, if adults can fit a secondary supply in their bags, then make an allowance for this too.
  2. Fire starting equipment. Flint, steel, lighter, matches, dryer lint or cotton wool.
  3. Water purification. Tablets or filter straw.
  4. Multitool or knife. Opening cans, accessing locks, protection, first aid. 
  5. Paracord or paracord survival braceletBuilding shelters, tie down luggage on cars, fixing clothing etc.

 * Note we also strongly suggest that everyone’s first aid kit should have bug repellent, sunscreen and an all purpose antiseptic cream or lotion.


Buy First Aid Kit

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Bagail Molle Pouch Rip-away Emt Pouch Ifak Pouch Medical First Aid Kit Utility Pouch 1000D Nylon (UCP)


Contents of My Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag

The Bug Out Bag


Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag Fully Packed

As I mentioned earlier my Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag is large and more like an INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) bag.

It is an 80 litre back pack with a height adjustable rear mount for a perfect fit, with an aluminium frame for strength with a waist strap for weight distribution to my hips.

This ensures the bag is tight against my back and shoulders and does not apply undue stress to shoulders or back.

This bag is too big for my partner or my children to carry. This is a problem because if I become incapacitated the bag cannot continue. But, because everyone is carrying their own bag, essential supplies can be redistributed to their bags.

To further overcome this potential issue, as you read on you will see how with accessories, and some forethought this larger pack breaks down to smaller packs which can be easily re-packed to others bags or carried to still provide a minimum level of survival essential equipment.

Bum Bag

Bum Bag Bug Out Bag Essentials

Bum Bag Bug Out Bag Essentials

I have also packed a water tight ‘bum-bag’ inside my Bug Out Bag for lightweight travel and faster movement if necessary with bare essentials.

Inside this I carry. Each item contains a link:

Note I have also kept the compass instructions in case others need to use it that may not be trained.

Note to self: Relocate the batteries where they serve a purpose!


In addition to my Bug Out Bag I also have standard issue military belt which I carry:

The Tomahawk is a cutting tool, a hammer tool, a breaching tool, a self defence tool.

If you dont have pants with the correct size belt straps to wear this military belt properly it is problematic.



With multiple strapping areas on the outside of the bag I also have a few items attached, which would either not fit inside the bag or I wanted rapid access to. These include:

  • Walking stick. If need to traverse difficult areas or if I injured my leg, foot, knee I can still move.
  • Auscam Scrim. Sun protection, mosquito protection, camouflage, heat regulation.

The walking stick is somewhat problematic as in a bush situation I have experienced issues when it becomes snagged on trees and bushes when walking through the densely wooded bush.

Side Compartments

bug-out-bag-side-compartmentsThese are on either side of the Bug Out Bag and contain items which I will either want to quickly access myself or have others access for me without needing to remove the bag form my back.

Note the Led Lenser head lamp has a signaling function from the main LED as well as the ability to reduce the output to save battery life. Further, you can use the rechargeable batteries or carry your own triple A replacements. This version also has a red LED on the rear of the battery compartment,  for others to follow if in complete darkness.


Top Flap

Again, an area which can be accessed by others easily or myself quickly.

  • Leather work gloves
  • Length of 550 paracord
  • Black plastic bags – makeshift latrine, rapid water proofing, makeshift poncho, water capture.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Bug Spray
  • Chopsticks
  • Water proof cover for bag
  • Zip lock bags


As per most larger back packs today, my Bug Out Bag has a perfect area to store a sleeping bag. It is rated to 0 degrees and can unzip entirely so it can be shared if needed and inspected for insects, snake or other nasties if left on the ground.

Main Compartment

This large main area is further compartmentalised with bags and containers to make it easier and faster to access the equipment needed.


bug-out-bag-food-essentialsI carry enough food for me for 72 hours. This consists of high calorie food such as the dehydrated meals and museli bars.

It also contains relatively low GI foods such as oats and rice. I’d like to change the rice over to brown rice to lower the GI further.

Finally, I also carry sugar, salt, bicarb as well as powdered milk and Ovaltine. Again these are high protein and high calorie food stuffs.

UPDATE 2017: I have recently added some newer, more nutrient dense modern food. Read about that here https://australianpreppers.com.au/prepping-with-new-age-nutrition-for-your-bug-out-bag/

What it does not deliberately consist of is canned food or anything with liquid. Liquid simply weighs too much and increases the overall pack weight unacceptably. As I already have water, water storage and water purification tools, the dehydrated foods and powdered foods and grains provide the necessary calories.

I have thrown in a few sanitary items such as bar of soap (much lighter than liquid soap or dishwashing liquid), toothbrush, toilet paper and a dry pair of walking socks.

Larger First Aid Kit 

first-aid-kit-2This larger First Aid kit is complementary to the kit I carry in my top flap. Its in a waterproof case which also has a rubber insert to stop the items shaking or making noise when hiking.

It has more of a medication spin to it as opposed to a first aid approach. This includes no name paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain relief. These can be tagged teamed every 2 hours to stay on top of pain if needed, without OD’ing on the medication.

Why no name?

As long as they are paracetamol and ibuprofen there is no need to pay the full price of the heavily advertised brands. I learned this lesson whilst traveling in Europe with a shocking headache. Walked into the nearest supermarket and uttered the question “paracetamol?”

I was handed a plainly packaged paracetamol for 1 EURO!

This complimentary kit also includes saline for washing out eyes, rehydration powder, essential oils (tea tree and lavender oils for natural treatments), multi-vitamins, betadine antiseptic, an anti-histamine and more band aids.

My top flap first aid kit also contains activated charcoal which is essential for gastro intestinal issue and great for adsorption of gases and poison you may consume by accident too.

Kelly Kettle

kelly-kettle-preppers-cooking-and-water-purificationIf you dont know what a Kelly Kettle is find out.

This is my primary water purification device as well as my primary cooking device. It only requires a small amount of fuel due to the chimney design to do both well and with the cooking accessories makes for a very convenient all rounder.

This allows me to not carry gas bottles, gas stoves or gas burners but does assume I will have access to fuel to burn.

More on Kelly Kettle here if you’re interested.


backup-documents-preppingI also carry a full set of copies of important documents.

These include insurances for cars and houses, copies of passports, licenses and medicare cards, other property ownership documents and title deeds for houses!

Besides these I also have the same backed up on the cloud and stored on a SD card too in a different location. This is called the 3-2-1 rule of back-up. 3 backups in 2 location and at least 1 offsite.

Additional Items

357-gaffers-tape-prepping-essentialsI had some space left, and still do even with these extra items so I have included a few more items.

This includes some trusty black 357 Gaffa tape, matches – water proofed in a zip lock bag – and a rain jacket for heavier weather.

Military Belt Accessories


Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag Review

As you can see my Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag is a comprehensive collection of emergency supplies and survival tools. I have arranged and organised the equipment in such a way as to make easy to both access and rotate as necessary for a variety of potential situations – both urban or bush.

This Bug Out Bag remains at the ready at my residence.

It is inspected prior to each drill session or outing and on an anniversary date where myself and others from the Australian Preppers fraternity, inspect and review, discuss what we are using, what we can add, remove or update to make the Bug Out Bags more efficient and useful.

Next on my List?

Create a smaller, lighter Get Home Bag for my car and my partner’s car.

Do you think we missed something form the Australia Preppers Bug Out Bag? Got suggestions or favourites you think we should add or want to share with the community? Leave your comments below.




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