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Roo shooting

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Roo shooting

Post by RockyGully » Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:55 pm

G'day, I received an e-mail today from the DPI calling for shooters to assist in the culling of kangaroos to assist farmers in preserving what little feed they have.That is,no professional licence required,no game licence and no tags but you will need to register as part of the program.Well if licencened shooters had been allowed to harvest and cull roos without all the bullshit involved than maybe there wouldn't be so many about.The road I travel to work on is a killing field of road carnage!And these poor bloody animals are only doing what comes natural and that is to eat green feed.Instead,they are crippled,starving and left to rot.Semi - autos do a fine job of shooting large numbers of pest species but some how that point is lost on the powers that be and many prophetic statements were made sans the 1996 gun confiscation that this would happen.
When I was a young bloke,you would be out in the bush on any Sunday and hear shooting.There weren't many deer around then in this area so it was pigs and roo's.Illegally shot roos for the most part but the numbers were kept down.
If these arseholes in government will ever think that by shooting roos off licence and seen to be helping the cockies will buy a vote,then they are sorely mistaken.Reap what you you sow and the National Party did no favours for the legitimate firearm owners of this country in 1996.I ill never forgive nor forget their treasonous ways :x

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