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More Participation Needed.

Its your forum, tell us how we can make it better for you right here.
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Re: More Participation Needed.

Post by Weedseed » Sun Oct 14, 2018 7:21 pm

Also, I noticed that there are 191 views of this thread at this time.

So why is nobody posting something? Just a thought or comment.


Lurkers be lurking...who the hell are the 191?

People - get involved, no-one knows everything even if they sound like they do. There are just opinions, even right and wrong is subjective. Think of it this way - just words on a screen - and possibly something to learn or share.

The yanks for all their faults are not afraid to share their ideas, get together, form real bonds with others. There is a freedom there that we could have here but we are very skeptical in general.

I think a youtuber called PrepAussie hinted at it in a video this week when he agreed to host a meeting by the request of many. That is like children that want their hand held. It will be interesting to hear how many turn up.

I believe that when there are 96 posts out of 191 views people will be sharing a lot more and learning a lot more.

The whole prep idea is really a mental and emotional state, it is an attitude - sorry to disappoint all the Lurkers - we are not rambo in camo we know skills and knowledge that our ancesters knew, we have our heads out of the iphone, we have our hands in the dirt, we know what matters in the material world - air, shelter, water, food, and community.

Just words on a screen.

Weedseed out.

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