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Jobs what will survive

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Re: Jobs what will survive

Post by notasyoung » Sun Apr 21, 2019 6:39 pm

mozart wrote:
Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:07 pm
Think about having five years of food and water and clothing and heat. Think about the great depression, WWII or global climate catastophy lasting at least five years.
Mozart, that is a symphony I don't want to hear play! There is potential for a version of each disaster, and our resilience may be tested, but hopefully, as in previous times, we will adapt to the new reality, as we have done. WWII was really a continuation of the depression before it, which didn't finish until the end of the war... the restrictions of the war were simply a continuation of not having anything prior to it! http://www.aei.org/publication/when-the ... it-worked/ It was the spring rebound after the war that got things going, because 'GDP' during the war was on expendables, the war machine.

The spring back was caused by a shrinkage of Government in Australia, USA, Britain, as the war machine shrank, Government costs shrank> That has ALWAYS been the secret of prosperity, shrinking the cost of Government (I say this, knowing that the public service in Australia is bloated beyond belief, along with other countries across the world, hence the expectation of recession/depression).

I also know this is unpalatable to Unions, Labor, and the public, who respond to the reduction in Government size as a 'loss', the public services are now a big chunk of the voting public, and the employment figure, so we're screwed.

War... we have basically lost the generations that remember the last time socialism, communism, and totalitarian Governments rose, and the cost to the world, so we are doomed to repeat history. Even within Australia we have politicians who believe that spying on us, giving us all a number, a file, and electronic record networks 'for our own good' is the 'right' thing to do... we are entering a scary, 'there can be only one opinion' world where freedom, free speech, hold no value.

We are seeing weekly 'yellow shirt' protests in France, immigration protests across Europe, Brexit for and against protests in the UK, the rise of the new IRA in Ireland, we have seen big political protests in the USA, and we have seen serious infiltration, and extremist activity in our own universities, in Australia... so our veneer of stability is showing cracks already.

So I don't like the band that's playing, I don't like the music score, and I wonder what grand finale, the show stopper will be.

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