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Equipment Choices & Carrying.

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Equipment Choices & Carrying.

Post by Keith » Wed May 16, 2018 8:07 am

Originally written for the NECLHG Forum & posted on the 3 May 2018 at 9:13am

Two things come to mind regarding equipment posts on other survival forums, one is that there is a lot of talk in regards to gear, but little about actually carrying that gear. Obviously weight is a factor, & I won't get into the waste of space carrying gadgets here, because we are not modern gadget oriented people on this forum. I was more concerned with how people carried their equipment. As all muzzle-loader hunters & historical campers will know, it takes time to get used to carrying the equipment & tools of our trade. Each individual may differ in how they carry. A left handed person for instance will probably, but not necessarily, carry his or her tools on the opposite side to a right handed person. But there are other factors involved, such as how accessible is that knife or tomahawk or shot pouch. How does it carry in that position? Does it tend to come loose & if so how do you correct this problem? If the shtf, & you have to grab your gear & run, then is not the time to find out that your gear doesn't carry well!
Half-axe secured under the blanket roll ties, tomahawk under the waist belt at my back.

I for instance am right handed, though I am pretty good at swapping hands with various tasks. I carry my hunting knife under the belt to my left front, my tomahawk is secured under my belt at my back. My hunting pouch & powder horn are on separate straps, but both are carried over my left shoulder & hang at my right side. My pistol has a left hand lock, which allows me to carry it under my belt right front. Everything is comfortable, easily accessible & secure.
Legging knife carried in the top of my right legging.

The other posts I take note of are the ones which recommend this tool or that tool, usually these posts refer to knives or guns. Apart from the fact that I doubt anyone could carry so many guns with ammo all at the same time, I note that many comments are about what they would prefer to use or carry & state quite clearly that they would not carry "this or that". The point I would like to make here is that a person would be better off with a muzzle-loading pistol in the hand than a 9mm Glock that is still in the gun shop! It is all very well recommending an AR15, but seeing as they are illegal in Australia it is rather a mute recommendation. I suggest that you get what you can now, don't wait in hope that you will at some time in the future get that 9mm Glock. Right now you are able to purchase antique pistols with no licence, no permit to purchase & no registration. A great flintlock pistol just sold at auction for $900,00 aust. I almost bid on it myself, but having already got one I really could not justify the expense of getting another :(

Another point just came to mind, & that is matching calibers. My fusil is a smoothbore & so is my pistol, the pistol uses the same sized round ball as my fusil. The pistol being a .70 caliber I have to patch the smaller sized .60 caliber ball. I would however use buckshot in the smoothbore pistol, as it is a short range defence weapon & it would be most effective using shot. I was just lucky that I was able to get the pistol I wanted, but whilst looking I weighed all the options of various caliber sizes & whether or not a smaller caliber would suit. The fact is that if you get a smoothbore, then it doesn't really matter what the caliber is, because you can use shot instead of round ball. Anyway, something to think about.
What are your thoughts?
Hunting knife.
Legging knife.
Clasp knife.
Tomahawk/Trade axe.
.70 caliber smoothbore flintlock pistol.
.62 caliber flintlock fusil with an improvised carry strap.
Taken from http://neclhg.freeforums.net/thread/363 ... ailability

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