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by Oz judge
Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:57 pm
Forum: Weapons
Topic: Hand to hand defence. What do you carry?
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Re: Hand to hand defence. What do you carry?

Well I'm getting older & lazier (40) but I'm still fairly confident of being a reasonably hard target. But my go to edc first strike would be my safe key which is always sticking out of my fingers everywhere I go. A nice pointy pen is also a good idea to always have on you. A lighter in you hand is better than nothing , it could also accidently light there hair on fire or clothing ect. My best of all time ( & need a new one ) was a American civil war round steel water bottle , it has a grey wool cover & long strap to sling around your neck. Made in two halves it has a inconspicuous seem the whole way around it . Filled about 1.25lt of water + the weight of the steel, when swung around like a mace or heavy club I'm sure one hit to the side of the head would accidently kill a oxygen thief . I put it through a interior door , took chunks outa trees . It would break anybody's arms & most probably legs. Matter of fact I should make one part of my edc kit again. I haven't really thought about that water bottle in over 10 years, best of all it flys under the radar. WOW EVERYBODY GET ONE.