Australian Preppers is thrilled to be featured in News.com.au and techcrunch this week.

Its the same story on both media outlets, and great to get some clarity into the general public about what prepping is all about.


Key Takeaways:

  • Being comfortable in the bush, especially as Australians, will be instrumental in surviving
  • Cigarettes will be like gold if SHTF.
  • If you’ve got jumper leads and a bottle of water in your car, in case something goes wrong, you’re a prepper.
  • The forum and the site isn’t about that doomsday preppers “crazy stuff”


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Best Bug Out Bags for Prepping

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RXARMY Military Tactical Assault Backpack Hiking Bag Extreme Water Resistant Small Rucksack Molle Bug Out Bag for Traveling, Camping, Trekking & Hiking (Multicam)

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Lixada Outdoor Military Tactical Backpack

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Lixada Outdoor Military Tactical Backpack with MOLLE Webbings Rucksack Sports Camping Travel Hiking Bag

What’s in Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag?

As you can see my Australian Preppers Bug Out Bag is a comprehensive collection of emergency supplies and survival tools. I have arranged and organised the equipment in such a way as to make easy to both access and rotate as necessary for a variety of potential situations – both urban or bush.

Nick the Prepper on Sunrise Channel 7 show – February 2018

Nick the Prepper from Australian Preppers, talks with Sunrise TV Channel 7 about the Australian Prepping Movement. Watch the complete interview by clicking the Twitter link below. https://twitter.com/sunriseon7/status/959926515617054720?lang=en

4 Best Survival Books to Download Free

Finding good, free resources for prepping can be a challenge so we have collated the 4 or 5 Best Survival books to download AND print out. That last part is important. No good having them in digital format, suffering an EMP or a quick bugout and not having the...

Digital Prepping and How to Keep Yourself Secure before SHTF

When the SHTF and society breaks down Preppers know they will need to practice the arts of concealment, evasion and camouflage. Whilst the SHTF moment is not yet upon us (debatable) the Digital Prepping practices covered in this post are the essentially the very same...

Where to Buy a Bug Out Bag in Australia for Prepping

Finding where to buy a bug out bag in Australia can be a challenge especially if you are new to prepping. Australian Preppers provides this complete guide on where to buy a bug out bag in Australia. One of the challenges is whether you buy the bug out bag and then...

Australian Preppers Forum Launches

Australian Preppers is stoked to be able to announce the launch of our new preppers community forums, Australian Preppers Forum. By asking the simple question "What are you prepping for?", the Australian Preppers forum is the ideal place to start and...

Prepping with New Age Nutrition for Your Bug Out Bag

In this post we will go into detail about a few new age nutrition items for your bug out bag and food stores. Everything from CRICKET PROTEIN, MEAL REPLACEMENT POWDERS and even ALGAE. Some of these can be included in you BOB and your INCH, in your car and even your...

The Science of Prepping: Periodic Prepping Table

This Periodic Prepping table covers everything A Prepping will need from shelter, food, medical, water, sanitation, documents and skills. Its a great image to print out as a wall chart in your prepping area and to carry with you in your Bug Out Bag as a reminder....

5 Essential Prepping Items People Forget Most Often

With so much Prepping focus on how to's for food, water, shelter and how to survive when things go bad, there are common essential Prepping Items people forget most often which can make all the difference when restoring your way of life. These items will both help you...

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