Australian Preppers is stoked to be able to announce the launch of our new preppers community forums, Australian Preppers Forum. By asking the simple question “What are you prepping for?“, the Australian Preppers forum is the ideal place to start and continue your prepping education journey.

When we first started the Australian Preppers website and facebook it was because a lot of the information available was American based and biased. We felt a need for Australian’s looking for country-specific prepping information to hang-out.

Our prepping motto – Keep it Simple, Survive – a modification of the KISS principle Keep it simple stupid, is what drives our prepping and teh forum design and operation.

What are your prepping for?

The question we ask all new member to answer is What are you prepping for? This starts the conversation with other members and expands the knowledge pool amongst the community. The how’s and and the why’s are important in all parts of life and prepping is no different.

We know there are some older forums in Australia, but they’re full of ads and running old tech which we believe impacts the user experience. Mobile is a perfect example.

We know more than 50% of visitors are coming from mobile devices so making the Australia Preppers Forum mobile optimised from day 1 was key when choosing a platform.


How is the Australian Preppers Forum different?

So why should Australian preppers join this new community? We believe all communities that share information freely are a good thing and people should be a member of as many groups as they feel they can contribute to and learn from. So we’ve focused on making this Simple so we survive and users re-visit and engage.


-1- The Australia Preppers Forum is Secure.

The forum is served via https encryption meaning all communication from our members computers to the forum are secure.

Security is a key tenant of Prepping and cybersecurity should be something every online users is focused on. We also know that this does not make the forum ‘hacker-proof’ so we have undertaken a range of other ‘hardening’ measures at a server layer to do as much as we can on a shared hosting platform.

In short, we take security seriously because our members do. If you’re using forums that don not run HTTPS all the time time to bug out and come to Australian preppers. We don’t set and forget, logs are reviewed regularly to monitor any unusual behaviour – and there is a LOT of it!


-2- Its Optimised for Mobile

With about half of all visitors coming from a mobile device this is a no- brainer. The forum has been designed to be easy to read and use on all mobile devices.

No matter where are members are, they can read and engage with the community  in an optimised way. Anything else is tiresome and old-school.


-3- Login with Facebook

Yep. No need to create yet another account with yet another password. Simply login via Facebook directly from the forum and you can contribute right away.

Visit the Australian Preppers Forum now

Free, Private Group Forums

Got a prepping group, survivalist group or prepping business and want a free, private area just for your group members?

Easy, just read this post to get started building your own private community.


Collapsable forums

This might seem like a small thing but when using mobile devices being able to hide stuff you don’t care about is key to a good experience.

Whether our members use the Australian Preppers forum on a desktop, phone or tablet they choose which forums to hide or not using the collapsable forum function.

Its all about getting the tech out of the way and making community engagement as painless as possible.


Embedded Google Search

Another small things that  stacks-on-usability for community members is the embedded google search.

When members are searching for something on the  forum, using the embedded google search also searches the internet and returns separated results so members find what they are looking for fast.

So, What Are Your Prepping Waiting For?

With the Australian Preppers forum we are building Australia largest prepping forum, with a focus on building community with technology suitable for the way people want to use the internet in 2018 – Secure, fast and mobile.

What are your prepping for?

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