What is 550 Paracord?

Paracord was originally used for suspension lines of parachutes. Inherent in its nylon design – due to the high risk nature of parachuting – is strength, durability and flexibility.

Historically used by the military, paracord is now used by military and civilians alike in a range of applications where lightweight cordage is required such as Prepping, hunting, camping, trekking and hiking.

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The 550 refers to the minimum breaking weight of 550 pounds (lbs) or approx. 250kg. This is not to stay that a single strand can safely support 250kg and typically about 90kg is a recommended weight usage.

550 paracord is also know as type III (3) which will consist of a minimum of 7 internal nylon strands, each of which contain 3 braided strands. Paracord is not completely inelastic and provides up to 30% elasticity – originally  to reduce the impact on parachute deployment.

Reference: Wikipedia

Typical Paracord Survival Bracelet

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