Can you use chopsticks?

This question appears straightforward.  However as with all items Preppers choose store or carry in their Bug Out Bags these items ideally would have more than a single use. Thankfully chopsticks do.

 Here’s our list of 5 Prepping Uses for Chopsticks


1. Eating

Yes you should learn how to eat your food with chopsticks. The Chinese have been using them for over 4000 years and with 1.3billion++ people still using them today – in China alone – they have survived the test of time like little else.

4 Benefits of Eating with Chopsticks

  • Encourage Hygiene – keep your dirty hands away from the food,
  • Lightweight,
  • Space Saving – take up very little space in bags for multiple people
  • Discreet – the wooden/bamboo pairs don’t make any noise you walk.


2. Tent or  Shelter Pegs

Depending on the ground and the shelter you are erecting, chopsticks can act as a very good alternative for a tent peg or a fixing point to bind to and lodge the chopstick between trees as tension.


Picture Courtesy WikiHow http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Snare-Trap

Picture Courtesy WikiHow http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Snare-Trap

3. Snares

Most self respecting Preppers with a survivalist focus would know how to create a range of snares, with or without chopsticks.

However if you do find yourself in a situation where you need to capture your food the humble chopstick can be used to provide a tension in basic snares.


4. Hunting

Chopsticks can be fashioned into a sharpened dagger, or bound to the end of stick to create a spear for hunting.

You may even be able to use them, when sharpened, as a form of self defence. Chopsticks come in both wooden/bamboo and metal so using them as a spear, dagger or weapon can be easily achieved.


5. First Aid

Essentially chopsticks can be used singularly or combined together as a good splint. Depending on whether its a splint for a finger, arm, leg etc. chopstick provide a good straight edge with inherent strength.

Its important to remember the types of chopsticks we have used are not those you get for free when you order your sushi from the food court. These are good bamboo Chinese chopstick or even some of the metal Korean versions. The metal ones are a little harder to eat (slippery) with but they do serve a lot of other purposes very well.


Got any other uses for chopstick you’d like to add? Leave your comments and ideas in the comments section below and share with the community.

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