With so much Prepping focus on how to’s for food, water, shelter and how to survive when things go bad, there are common essential Prepping Items people forget most often which can make all the difference when restoring your way of life.

These items will both help you survive and help you get your life back afterwards too. Whilst some are prepping for doomsday, it is more likely that you’ll need to survive for a while and be able to return to your life after the event – without losing it all (if that matters to you!).

(1) Copies of Documents

This includes photocopies or better still certified copies of:

  • drivers licenses,
  • passports,
  • proof of address,
  • proof of property ownership (registration papers, title deeds),
  • insurance documents,
  • immunisation records

…and so on – in watertight or zip lock bags.

Its great if you have them digitised and backed-up on an iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive – which is also recommended – but if there’s no electricity you’re stuck!

3-2-1 RULE


Use the 3-2-1 rule with documents:

3 copies in 2 different formats (paper, burnt onto a CD or USB, on hard drive etc.) and at least 1 offsite (in a car, at the office – NOT cloud).

This is based on redundancy so that at least 1 copy will survive.

(2) Sun & Bug Protection

australian-prepping-with-bug-sprayIts Australia – We have harsh sun and lots of bugs.

Prepping for our environment means having wide brim hats/sun protection (for all areas of exposed skin), lip balms, sunscreen and an effective bug deterrent. This includes long sleeve shirts and pants to cover your arms and legs and keep you alive longer.

Bushman has both sunscreen and bug repellent built in so you can save space and weight in your Bug Out Bag.

(3) Garden and /or seeds


Depending on whether you are going to bug out or bug in, growing a garden before you need it is a good way to ensure you will have fresh fruit and vegetables and can test your green thumb.

If you think bugging out to a new location is the best option for you and yours, then be sure you have a good variety of vegetable seeds either in your bug out location or in your bug out bag.


(4) Dress with Layers

dress-in-layersYou can always take clothes off but if you don’t have them you can’t wear ‘em .

Instead of wearing a single heavy jacket, wear layers of clothing. Again remember its Australia with harsh sun and bugs so long sleeve tops and bottoms are best – even in summer.

Wear undergarments which will breath, absorb sweat and dry quickly. This typically means steering clear of pure cotton as it absorbs water and stays wet.

(5) Knife Sharpener

Purchase a good quality knife – preferably manufactured in America, Australia ,UK or Germany AND some knife sharpening tools.

Not much good having a knife if you can’t use it because the edge is dull or blunt.

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