First Aid is a fundamental skill to posses for any Prepper. Both being trained in First Aid and having a First Aid kit in key locations including house, vehicle –  and for Preppers – either your BOB (Bug Out Bag) and/or your Bug Out Location is essential to be prepared.

Listed below are some of the best rated and some of our favourite First Aid Kits for household and Bug Out scenarios. However as with most First Aid kits these should be your foundation to which you add based on your needs and any allergies or known medical conditions.

The information below is opinion only and we are not doctors or medical professionals.


5 Australian First Aid Kits for Preppers

1. Household First Aid Kit – Australian Red Cross – Tough to go past this one as an awesome catchall kit for any home. A great plastic box with a handle and a nice fold out centre section which reveals more products and extra storage.


2. Motor Vehicle First Aid Kit – An inexpensive First Aid kit for general motor vehicles and a good range of suitable products for the normal types of emergencies.


3. First Aid Store Survival First Aid Kit – Perhaps a little expensive but suitable for carrying in cars or having at home, office or Bug Out Location, The Survival First Aid KIT is made of a series of compartments, with each compartment clearly labelled making restocking simpler. The label also includes what to use the component for. The bag is made out of water resistant and heavy duty fabric, zips have pulls to help slippery hands grip.


4. First Aid Store Survival Handy First Aid Kit -Less expensive than its larger brother but with the same great compartment and labelling approach and better suited for a BOB or INCH bag due to its size and weight.


5. First Aid Store 4WD Camping First Aid Kit – This being the most expensive also has the most comprehensive collection of first aid equipment and supplies. Too big and heavy to carry on your person this belongs in a vehicle and can support up to 9 people’s First Aid needs according to the supplier.


Do you have a favourite First Aid kit or supplier? Think we’ve missed the mark with our recommendations? Share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below

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