Preparing Your Survival Gear

survival gear

Survival gear is essential for any person in distress. Survival gear is a collection of essential items for survival that help save lives. If an individual doesn’t have the right survival equipment, they will not be able to survive a disaster or a bad situation. In this article, we provide you with the top five survival gear essentials that should always be carried on the person’s person at all times.

Water Filter

The basic survival kit that you should carry is a water filter, which is an important part of any survival kit. Essential survival equipment that will make the difference between survival and death, this article provides new cutting-edge survival gear and equipment that aid in basic survival needs such as water, food, clothing and more.


The next important survival gear to have is a survival whistle. The use of a survival whistle is crucial when trapped outdoors. Most people never think to carry a whistle with them when they go out into the wilderness or to a cabin. If the person who is trapped or in danger does not have a whistle with them, they are without protection during a time when it is most important to act quickly.

Fire Starter

A fire starter is another survival kit item that is very important when trapped outdoors. Without a fire starter in hand, the person is without protection against extreme weather and dangerous elements, they could very well be starving and without an exit strategy.

Survival Kit

A survival kit should also contain the basic emergency tools and equipment for many different situations such as a knife, a multitool, tweezers, a Swiss army knife, duct tape, a compass and other survival tools. It is vital to have these items on hand because an individual will need these items during many emergencies and circumstances.

survival gear

Some other essential survival kit essentials to have are a flashlight, emergency blanket, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, first aid and CPR kit, and first aid and CPR kit. It is also important to have some form of communication device, whether it be a cell phone, radio headset and radio. Emergency signalling equipment can also come in handy during emergencies.


Finally, in addition to the survival gear listed above, you should also include some type of emergency communications equipment. This could be a radio, portable satellite radio etc. An emergency blanket should also be included, as well as a survival blanket.

These are just a few of the essentials that should be present in every survival kit. There is no point in living a normal life if you are not prepared for anything and this knowledge should be learned and understood.

Putting It All Together

As you begin to put your survival kit together, make sure that you get as much information as possible about what items you should include. This will ensure that you have everything that you need.

Once you have completed putting together your survival kit, make sure that you practice the emergency procedures that are in your kit. This will not only make sure that you are prepared, but it will also give you the comfort that comes from knowing that you are prepared. in case of an emergency.

After your survival kit is put together, you may want to keep it together by adding some more survival gear to your list. There are many things that you should include in a survival kit, such as matches, lighters, fire-starting material, water, a spare change of batteries, and an extra change of clothes. You should also include some basic survival food, and personal care products as well.

Always remember that when the emergency occurs, you should have all of the survival gear that you have listed, to stay alive and keep others safe. When you can’t seem to survive on your own, have a backup plan and always know where you are at.

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