Finding where to buy a bug out bag in Australia can be a challenge especially if you are new to prepping. Australian Preppers provides this complete guide on where to buy a bug out bag in Australia.

One of the challenges is whether you buy the bug out bag and then fill it yourself or choose where to buy a bug out bag which comes complete with ‘typical’ survival equipment, keeping in mind a Bug out Bag is meant to keep you alive for about 72 hours.



Tips on What to Look for in a Bug out Bag

There are a number of critical features a bug out bag needs to have to be considered, keeping in mind that it must be capable of carrying, safely, everything you need to keep you alive for 72 hours.

  1. Sturdy – strong enough to keep your stuff in and not tear if you’re trekking through bush or in a dilapidated urban area.
  2. Comfortable – You’ll be carrying it for 72 hours and it’ll be full of supplies to keep you alive. It’ll be heavy so make sure its got a waist sash belt to distribute some of the weight of your shoulders and onto your waist.
  3. Flexible – have the right mix of pockets, zippers, and compartments to both store what you need it to but also to provide fast and easy access to your most critical supplies.

Where to Buy a Bug out Bag in Australia – Online Stores

Survival Supplies Australia – a good range of pre-made, packaged kits. Not a fan of the colours of their bags as they provide very little concealment.

Peter‘s Military and Camping Bug Out Bag Platinum Package – This is a very complete bag with a good discount compared to buying the bag and all the  bits together.

LEGEAR (Law Enforcement Gear) – This 5.11 TACTICAL RUSH 72 BACKPACK – BLACK is a very popular selection and LEGEAR has a massive range of top quality gear.

Videos about Where to Buy a Bug Out Bag in Australia.

We have collected the best and most recent videos on where to buy a bug our bag in Australia, selecting the right bag for you and what to put in your bug out bag.

3 Best Places Where to Buy a Bug Out Bag in Australia.

Here is our current pick of the 3 best places to buy a bug out bag in Australia in 2018.

Jack Young the Ultimate Bug Out Bag

More resources for buying bug out bags in Australia

  • PLATATAC – Big Aussie online store for all prepping gear, outdoor, survivalist gear.
  • The Kit BAG – Wide range of tactical products and THE place to go if in WA
  • WISH (search preppers) –  Drop shipped from all over the world to you door. Be mindful of quality and test out before buying multiples of the same item to be sure things fit and are the quality you are seeking.

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