Share Your Survival Story

Tell us how you survived with your Paracord Survival Bracelet

Share Your Survival Story

Here at Australian Preppers we’re love to hear from our customer about how their Survival Bracelets™ have got them out of a  bind and saved their bacon.

You don’t have to have used it whilst you’re Prepping or drilling for Prepping. You may have been sailing and needed paracord to retie some lines; driving and needed to use the stainless steel shackle and paracord to secure your load; or you may have been in a real survival situation and needed to ‘batton down the hatches’ so to speak, create a winch or build a belt to hold up your pants!

Whatever the situation where you had to unravel your Survival Bracelets™ to…survive, share it with us and our community and we’ll replace it for FREE!

All you have to pay is postage!

Fill in the web form to the right or below and share your story with us. If you have any photos to accompany please send the photos here and be sure to use the same name as you fill in on the web form!

If you think its too big or you’ve already written it in another format you can send it here too.

Share Your Survival Story

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