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The privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ information is of utmost importance at our company. When using our services, the following practices are strictly upheld to maintain this privacy for our clients.

Privacy of Client Records
We consider records to be confidential for all of our clients. Information that is not considered public includes documents, strategic plans, proposals, visual concepts, and similar material. Completed design work from client projects may be presented as examples on our website or in printed material unless advised otherwise in a written statement.

Data Collected by Australian Preppers.com.au
When registering for ANY information, purchasing a product, or freely entering information on our website, personal data is collected and entered into our systems. By means of cookies and various other technologies, we then use your information to improve your overall site experience such removing the need to re-enter your information to access hidden content. Recorded data when visiting our site includes the IP address, the URL, the type of browser, and the time and date of your visit.


How your Information is Used
After receiving your information, it may then be used to communicate with you regarding your topic of interest, to inform you of new products or services, or other related content depending on the form you submitted. The chance to “opt-out” of e-mail communication is included on all of our registration forms. Collected information may also be used to develop our inbound marketing services through examination, research and analysis. In rare instances, your data may be shared with third parties in order to avoid fraud, adhere to legal processes, and protect our network.



Your Choice to Enter Information

As often as possible we offer options for the personal information you submit. You have the opportunity to refuse submission of personal information, as well as the ability to prevent cookies in your browser. Denying these options is not suggested, as it may reduce the effectiveness and ability of our services to function correctly. Access to your personal information will be granted when possible for desired changes or alterations.




Please contact us with additional questions at:

Australian Preppers.com.au

New South Wales



  1. michael green

    Despite paying for 3 paracord bracelets nearly 1 month ago I have not received them nor has your organisation responded to my various email complaints.

    I know why you don’t publish a telephone number or any names.

    Ripped off.

    • Survivor64

      Michael your bracelets were made and sent – with the free shipping you chose. We have also now refunded in total your purchase price.

      Australia Post has proven to be very unreliable in delivering these small parcels with up to 25% of these parcels taking well over 2 weeks to arrive to many locations around Australia. And a similar percentage NEVER turning up.

      We have removed the free shipping option and now customers must pay for a tracked service. We expect this to reduce our sales significantly and we have droppped the price of all products to represent this as we used to adsorb the cost of free shipping.

      We consider this matter finalised.

  2. gary shane kunoth

    Want to become a prepper thank you


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