Australia is in Asia. Don’t kid yourself.

But this is not a bad thing – lots of great places to visit, food to experience and cultures to immerse yourself in.

What’s this got to do with Prepping?

According to the ABS in 2013, Mandarin was the 2nd most spoken language in Australia at home.

So how’s your Mandarin?

As a Prepper being ready to speak in other languages and understand those cultures can help in business, day to day interactions and in times of emergency and civil breakdown.

As Preppers we look to the future, identify potential challenges and plan and prepare to be able to overcome them.

Why Prepping in Chinese Mandarin?

In general terms Chinese Mandarin is the universal language taught in Chinese Mainland schools and the 3500+ characters which make up their modern lexicon is learnt and understood by all, irrespective of geograrphic distribution.

And if this is not enough, check out these interesting facts: with 2,500 characters you can read 97.97 % of everyday written language and with 3,500 characters you can read up to 99.48 %, which means pretty much everything. It’s even more comforting to know that with only 900 characters, you can actually read 90% of a newspaper!

Reference: http://www.hutong-school.com/how-many-chinese-characters-are-there

If you want to be able to communicate to a Chinese person in their native tongue, whatever the situation, this is the language to learn.

Situations Where a Working Knowledge Of Chinese Mandarin Will Help?

Whether its day to day, business or in stressed situations, being able to speak to anyone in their native tongue assists. And as with many languages, as you learn you garner a far greater cultural understanding too.

Here are just 3 situations as examples:

1. Negotiations and Bartering – Whether this be in real estate, shopping or sorting a trade of food and water for some other desirable, knowing the native vernacular can produce a better result based in greater understanding.


2. Listening In/ Hidden Communication – If you need to know what another group is thinking or planning but you cannot understand them – good luck. But if you do know the language and the other group is unaware you gain an immediate advantage.

Likewise, if you need to speak to your group in a different language, using Chinese Mandarin provides you a level of security too – assuming the other party doesn’t also know the language.


3. Conflict Resolution – Conflict is often a result of misunderstanding. Being able to speak Mandarin Chinese is a great way to prepare to avoid this and ensure that what is being said and what was mean to be said are the same.

An added bonus is in being able to demonstrate your language ability which mentally aligns you to your quarry. That is, a higher level of respect and a willingness to find level ground due to similarities and past efforts clearly invested, may result.


Make no mistake learning any language takes time and becoming fluent even longer – and Chinese Mandarin is no exception. But having a war chest of key words and phrases is a great place to start the Language Prepping journey.

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