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If you are not happy with your product for any reason, we will replace it or refund your money.

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Lifetime Service

If you do use your paracord Survival Bracelet™ in an emergency situation, all you need to do is tell us your Survival Story and we’ll send you a new replacement Survival Bracelet for free. All you pay is postage.

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Paracord Survival Bracelets™ – Australian Made

Our Australian Made Paracord Survival Bracelets™ contain several metres of paracord 550 (550lbs = 250kg) & are a great tool for prepping, camping, hiking & fishing and more.

These paracord survival bracelets are an essential addition to every Preppers BOB (Bug Out Bag) or INCH (I’m Never Coming Home) bag. 

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can deploy the bracelet by unravelling the paracord to help get you out of a sticky situation or buy you some time whilst waiting for help to arrive.


Survival Bracelets™ for Charities 

Looking for something unique to help with your Charities Fund Raising efforts?

We will customise the design of your paracord survival bracelets to meet your charities colours  and design for maximum impact and appeal.

When your contributors wear the unisex bracelets it will encourage discussion and awareness, complimenting your other marketing activities.

We also provide special charity bulk buy pricing to help charities maximise the contributions which can be used to benefit the recipients.

We even create a number of fundraising inspired bracelets ourselves and contribute a significant percentage of the profits earned from the sales of these to the respective charities.

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Survival Bracelets™ for Sports Teams

Are you a  a supporter seeking a unique way to express your fanaticism?

Or a member of sports club looking for impactful ways to fund raise and offer membership incentive?

A custom made paracord survival bracelet fits the bill.

We can create a special colour weave with your sports teams colours in different sizes and designs with up to 3 different colours available per survival bracelet.

If you are looking to purchase in large quantities or are running a fund raising event, we can work with you to design a range of bracelets and price provide bulk buy pricing for your efforts.

Enquire About Survival Bracelets for Sports Teams

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Customise your design with weaves, colours, buckles and shackles.

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