Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get My Survival Bracelet Wet?
Yes. Once you wear it the only reason to take it off is to use it.

Because the paracord Survival Bracelet™ is made from paracord and designed to be worn and deployed in any situation, getting it wet is not issue.

Often when paracord is wet and then dry is does shrink a little but paracord is not stiff and is quite elastic. If you find this happens simply massage the cord a little in your hand, once dry and it will expand again for you.

How Do I Clean My Survival Bracelet?
Soapy warm water and a small brush – like a toothbrush is best.

Don’t use any other solvents or special cleaning solutions. Once you’re done with the soapy water, rinse it off and let it dry naturally.

Do not put your paracord Survival Bracelet™ in the dryer!

I don't think the sizes listed will fit me. What do I do?
We can make paracord Survival Bracelets™ to meet your wrist dimensions.

To measure you wrist simply wrap a measuring tape around your wrist and send us the measurements here.

Tell us which paracord Survival Bracelet™ you are interested in and we’ll send you an email with a link to make your payment.

Once processed we will custom build you survival bracelet and send it to you.

Custom made bracelets carry the same guarantee and lifetime service offer as all other Survival Bracelets™ sold by Australian Preppers.

How do I change my order after its been placed?
We typically start processing your order the same or next business day, depending on what time the order was placed.

Please email us here right away with any changes that need to be made and we will do our best to catch it before it goes out the door.

How do I re-weave my bracelet if Ive used it?
We don’t offer a re-weave service but if you have used your Survival Bracelet™ in a survival situation and you would like to share your story with us well replace it for free. All you pay is postage.

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