10 Uses for Paracord Survival Bracelets™

 Wear it everywhere and be prepared.


Our list of 10+ Uses for Paracord Bracelets™ below is not a comprehensive list but rather a starting point.

Depending on the buckle or shackle you get when you buy your paracord Survival Bracelets™ the range of uses will differ including signal whistle and even fire starting!


  1. Secure your belongings on top of your car when evacuating.
  2. Set up a clothes line to dry your clothes.
  3. Shoelace replacement
  4. Set up shelter – use as tent lines or lashing for ad-hoc shelters
  5. Tie up a person who you perceive as dangerous.
  6. Set up traps and snares.
  7. Repair damaged clothes or equipment – belts, suspenders, bra straps.
  8. Tourniquets
  9. Fishing line
  10. Tie yourself to your companion in a strong storm for an effective buddy system.
  11. Build a rope ladder
  12. Backpack winch to ensure your bags/rubbish remains off the ground and away from animals and intruders.

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